President of Stoke Ventures

Hi, I'm Andrew

I’m a product launch expert and mechanical engineer with over 12 years of experience turning ideas into marketable products. The most important part about our service is that we work hard to come up with creative ways to design unique products that save money in manufacturing and that customers are excited to use. It’s one thing to be able to model something on a computer but it’s another to put serious thought and engineering practice into your product’s design.

Who We Are

We are a full-service product development company, offering market research, patents, industrial design, mechanical design and engineering, packaging design, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing…

Everything you need to successfully bring your product to market. We work with inventors, startups, small businesses, and large engineering companies. We develop exciting products that customers can’t stop talking about, which helps to lower your marketing costs and increase your return on investment. We also offer mechanical design, engineering, FEA (Finite Element Analysis), and drafting services on a consulting basis for businesses of all sizes.

How can we confidently offer these services to you?

We have decades worth of experience in developing products just like yours. Better yet, we have experience developing and marketing our own products so we understand exactly what it takes to efficiently design and engineer a product people will remember, reduce cost, increase your return on investment, and help you avoid mistakes throughout the product development process. You can’t afford to trust the success of your product to just any company. Learn more about our capabilities and schedule a free consultation today!

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