03. Manufacturing

After we have a final design we can put together manufacturing drawings and identify the most appropriate manufacturing processes for each part.

Manufacturing Drawings

2D Drawings define the specification of your parts and assemblies for manufacturing and quality control after manufacturing.

Production Manufacturing

  • Injection Molding (Metal and Plastic)​

    • ​Production Time – Weeks / Months

    • Dimensional Accuracy – Excellent

    • High Tooling Cost / Low Part Cost

  • Machining / CNC Routing

    • Production Time – Days/Weeks​

    • Dimensional Accuracy – Excellent

    • Low Tooling Cost / Med-High Part Cost

  • Sheet Metal / Forming

    • Production Time – Days/Weeks​

    • Dimensional Accuracy – Good-Excellent

    • Low Tooling Cost / Med-High Part Cost

Retail Packaging

Tells the story and embodies the brand. For some products the packaging costs more than the product itself. We will work to tell your product’s story in an efficient and appealing way. You only have a few seconds to educate consumers before they get bored or become distracted and move on. The physical packaging design is the other part of this process. The product needs to be physically contained for transportation, display on-shelf, and it may need to allow the product to be accessible with clear packaging or windows. Ease of packaging assembly and cost are also considered.

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