Industrial Design

Starting with your product vision, we will work with you to identify the target users and explore several visual concepts of potential solutions through sketching. When a direction is chosen, the team at Stoke Venture will create appealing product models and integrate these concept ideas with feasible and practical architecture.

The final design concepts are captured in 3D CAD models, which allows feedback from investors, clients, users, and other major stakeholders.

A well-thought-through design can deliver an enjoyable, easy-to-use product that brings your brand and vision to life.

As you navigate through product concept options to a final design, our team will construct physical prototypes that duplicate the product experience to test and ensure a rewarding user experience for your target market.

Modern design tools allow us to review and modify multiple concept solutions within a short time frame. After this, we can bring select product concepts to life using various in-house prototype methods, including 3D printing, rapid CNC prototyping, or SLA printing. Our meetings will focus on reviewing your design concepts and allow for immersive sketching, brainstorming, and collaboration around your product idea.

Industrial design is pretty straightforward—it’s about designing accessible, functional, manufacturable, and beautiful products. However, creating these kinds of products is anything but simple. Think about the complexity of a typical product blueprint. No matter how infinitesimally small, every change has a direct effect on the end product. Stoke Ventures’s industrial design services and meticulous processes help ensure every measurement, procedure, and material choice is optimized for the end-user. It’s how we help make it an easy decision for customers to pick your product over everyone else’s.