It is quite difficult to put your idea into simple words and have people completely comprehend it. Stoke Ventures is ready to build a prototype that you can put into the ecosystem of your business model. Having a functional prototype will help you and your investors see your dream as a reality.

Whether your prototype is made of fabric, metal, or plastic, our mechanical and industrial designers will produce precisely what you need. Our team has extensive experience building functional prototypes and will work hand-in-hand with you to bring your idea to life.

Apart from giving you a working model, building a prototype is highly necessary for many other reasons. A prototype:

  • Reduces product development costs and risks;
  • It helps in securing investment as your idea is better understood;
  • It refines your product’s aesthetics and style.
  • Determines the features and dimensions of your product;
  • It can be used to test your product’s functionality;
  • Identifies any errors or design flaws;
  • Elicits feedback from your target market;
  • It acts as a highly effective marketing tool.

We can produce any prototype you require, from a simple 3D print to a tangible prototype that looks and feels like the final product. At Stoke Ventures, our expertise can be seen in the many prototypes we have produced for clients.