Tips To Keep In Mind While Hiring a Product Design Company

Tips To Keep In Mind While Hiring a Product Design Company

Every business, no matter the size, has to focus on sales to become successful, however, the success of a business and how much it can sell largely relies on the quality of the products/services it offers. If you start with a high-quality product that solves a real problem, then marketing and sales become much easier and more cost-effective tasks. Therefore, it’s critical that you understand the requirements of your product and conduct research before choosing a product design company. Below are a few tips to keep in mind during the process:

Understanding Product Requirements

When hiring a reliable product design company, it’s important for you to understand the requirements of your product. This doesn’t mean you have to know every detail of how the product will be designed or manufactured, but you have to understand how it will function and why it should function that way. Remember, a successful product solves a real need in the market. The greater the need, the more chance of success you have. To avoid any misunderstandings between you and your product development company, make sure to write everything down that you want your product to accomplish.

Competitive Advantages

The most important features of your product tie into its competitive advantages, so you’ll want to clearly define why your product is unique and stands out from other products in the market. You also want to check to make sure the product you’re interested in developing is not infringing on patents or trademarks (intellectual property) which could cause legal trouble down the road. Write down the nature of your product idea in a few sentences, and then include in a bulleted list all the benefits that make your product unique and give you competitive advantages. This will be important for marketing and sales as well because when you clearly define the benefits of your product and the problems it solves, consumers will connect with it faster and be more willing to try it.

Do Your Homework

After listing out all your required features and competitive advantages, it’s time to do your homework on product design companies. This can be done by starting with a simple Google search for “product design company” or “product design company near me”. Keep in mind a product design company does not have to be local and the best design company for you and your product may be across the country. That’s ok because a good product design company will be in constant communication with you as you work through the development of your product. After you find a few companies to research, start by identifying the capabilities of each company and align them with the needs of your product. For instance, if you have a mechanical product, you’ll want to find a product design company that has mechanical design and mechanical engineering capabilities. If you’re developing a new piece of apparel or other soft goods product you need to find a company that has experience designing soft goods products. Looking through a company’s portfolio will help you get an idea of the kind of projects they typically work on and if your product might be a good fit. It’s also important to look at reviews and see what the experience of previous customers has been. This process gives you an idea of a company’s capabilities and what their professional integrity is like.

Product Launch Experience

It’s also incredibly important to consider whether or not a product development company has any experience successfully bringing a product to market from start to finish themselves. That kind of experience would give any company a distinct advantage because by understanding the entire product launch process they can make decisions for your product in the development phase that will help tremendously in manufacturing, and marketing and sales. An exceptional product design company will develop a product that considers cost and logistical efficiencies in part manufacturing, assembly, shipping, and makes marketing and sales tasks much easier and more efficient with simple, clean, and intuitive design. Without having gone through the entire product launch process you cannot trust that a product design company will understand how to design your product in a way that won’t cause headaches after development.


Since most businesses, especially small ones, operate on a tight budget, it’s vital to look for a company that offers quality product design services without breaking your bank. It’s important for you to know upfront the cost of your project. When comparing pricing, an important thing to consider is whether or not multiple design iterations are included. Some companies might offer a lower upfront cost for the initial design but then charge you for follow-up design iteration. Your bill can add up quickly if you’re not paying one all-in project cost with multiple iterations included. No matter how good a product development company is or how “simple” you think your product is you have to assume there will be multiple iterations of your design to get it just right. Reliable companies are not cheap but having cost effective pricing with low overhead, and lean on-demand resources are key when delivering a cost-effective solution.

Estimated Completion Time

After you have met to talk about the design process of your product, it’s time to ask about the estimated time of completion. This allows you to put the product design process into a timeline which helps to arrange other phases accordingly such as manufacturing, and marketing campaigns.

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When looking for a reliable product development and design company, you want to make sure that they are reputable and trustworthy. Most companies claim to offer exceptional services, but you should look for a company that understands your requirements and has relevant experience that fits with your product development project. At Stoke Ventures, our design engineers have experience both developing exceptional products AND launching successful products to market. To learn more about the services we provide and how we can help get your product to market, book a free consultation with us today.