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Stoke Ventures is a full-service product development engineering company, offering market research, patents, industrial design, mechanical design and engineering, packaging design, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing.

We work with inventors, startups, small businesses, and large engineering companies. We efficiently develop exciting products that customers can’t stop talking about, which helps lower your costs and increase your return on investment.

In addition to mechanical product development, we provide an introductory Go-To-Market Strategy Service. It can be applied to any kind of product or business in any discipline. The goal is to give you an actionable product launch/ business strategy that identifies the resources you will need to have a high chance of success. Just as importantly, it gives you a solid plan that you can show to investors and more easily attract funding. 





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Our Product Launch Process

Step 1.

Find Your Product-Market Fit

Step 2.

From Concept To Functional Product

Step 3.

Produce Parts To Stock Up On Inventory

Step 4.

Target Market And Generate Sales


GTM Strategy

  • Go-to-market strategy and business planning

Silver Level

$2500 - $4999
  • Low complexity product development

Gold Level

$5000 - $14999
  • Medium complexity product development

Platinum Level

  • High complexity product development


Flipup Sighting Device

Concealed / Flip-Up Sight (Featured In John Wick 3)

Sighting device that quickly goes from being flush with the firearm slide to deployed with premium quality optics.

Auto Filling Water Bowls for Pet

Auto-Filling Water Bowl For Pets

No need to keep filling your pet's water bowl with this product. Connects right to your sink water line and automatically fills as it gets low.

Seaming Machine

Personal and Micro-Brew Can Seaming Machine

Easiest to use, most versatile, and cost effective can seamer for commercial and personal use.

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