Android Software Development: Best Practices for Building High-Performance Apps

The number of android devices keeps increasing daily. Android software development teams utilize this opportunity to create various solutions and customize them for smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and smart TVs. Why does android software development remain popular and successful despite recent advances in cross-platform app development

Build attractive android apps that meet customer expectations

Let us explore the benefits of android software development, the prerequisites for android app development, app development tools and why businesses and brands should engage Stoke Ventures for their android software development prowess.

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Why android software development is popular

Android app development rivals iOS app development due to the availability of a huge customer market. A huge market exists for an android app development agency to create value and generate revenue. Businesses seeking to expand their reach can develop suitable android apps and leverage them to reach, engage and satisfy their customers and acquire new leads. 

The android operating system is open-source. Experienced mobile android app development teams can access the source codes of different applications and customize them to provide better user experiences. Some developers may reverse engineer existing apps and enhance their UI UX designs to meet customer expectations in different market segments. Custom android app development implies software developers can develop products for a diversified customer base. There is no limitation to the size of projects an android apps programmer can handle. 

Software development beginners can utilize the freely available android apps builder, the Android SDK, to create cheap software. The platform provides adequate tools for experienced app developers, hobbyists and large software development companies to build several apps. Stoke Ventures is one of the best android software development companies, providing cutting-edge solutions to a diversified client base.  

Android app development receives strong support from Google and a huge pool of android developers. The developers and Google engineers frequently update the platform to improve its technical capabilities and add more developer tools to simplify android software development.

Android software development is a good opportunity for designers and developers to expand their revenues. These experts leverage several monetization strategies to capitalize on large target audiences. The developers earn money by building functional apps and sustain that income by selling apps (subscriptions), in-app purchases and targeted advertising through the software. 

Android software development prerequisites

A lot of work goes into creating android software. A beginner may face several hurdles before releasing their first functional product. However, experienced android app development companies know how to overcome android software development challenges. For instance, Stoke Ventures hires a competent team of designers and developers. These experts are skilled in various app development languages and software development methodologies and have excellent communication and networking skills.

What does one require before beginning android software development?

Learn various programming languages

Android software development relies on several programming languages. However, Java and Kotlin are the most popular ones. A developer requires a strong understanding of these languages, including the different programming language syntaxes, code construction and debugging. Failing to grasp the basic structure of these programming languages means the software code will have several errors, rendering the android app unresponsive, slow or unattractive to the target audience.

Familiarize yourself with the Android SDK

The android software development kit (SDK) is a crucial tool for building and testing android apps. The SDK provides multiple tools and an application programming interface (API) for developing and customizing android software. The SDK also contains several in-built libraries vital for automating repetitive software development tasks or standardizing android apps. The SDK has an integrated development environment (IDE) and emulator for virtually testing android apps.

Familiarizing yourself with the android SDK ensures you can utilize several tools and libraries to streamline the android software development process and reduce turnaround times. The assistive tools also reduce app development errors for lower android app development costs. 

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?

Understand the android architecture

All android apps are built using the Android application architecture. The android software development architecture determines the structure and organization of an android app and includes various app components, layers and relationships between these entities. The android software architecture promotes separate app concerns and facilitates code maintainability and reusability of various app components.

The components of the android software architecture you should be familiar with when handling android software development include:

  • Activities – they are components like screens that users interact with when using an android app. These activities respond to several user inputs and display relevant information on the screen.
  • Services – these are android app components managing background activities. These services control app tasks like playing music or downloading app performance data. Services run in the background and are independent of app activities.
  • Android framework – it contains libraries and other tools needed to provide the core functionality of an app. The Android framework manages user interfaces, data storage, network connections and databases.
  • Content providers and broadcast receivers – content providers manage data sharing between android apps. Broadcast receivers respond to system-wide events like changes in network connectivity. 

As a developer, one should understand how each of these components of the android architecture work and interact. The android architecture separates apps into different abstraction layers. 

Master the android software development process

Before working on paid projects, one should learn and master the android software development process. The entire process involves several interdependent activities and relies on multiple tools, programming languages and expertise from different individuals. One should understand how to transition from conceptualization to coding. 

The development process also requires a mastery of wireframe development and concept optimization. Acing these small processes is one step closer to realizing your android software development goals. 

Practice a lot

One can develop a few android apps to build a portfolio and learn how various android software development tools work. While practicing, it is vital to study the Android documentation and engage other developers in the online android community. Ask for help if facing challenges with some app development tools. The learning and practice period allows you to master software development tools like the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and the android version control system (VCS) to track code changes and collaborate with peers. During this period, one can expand their expertise and begin experimenting with concepts like cross-platform and web app development

Practice with small projects to understand the ins and outs of android app development

Popular Android software development tools

Several tools are required for android software development. Developers or software development companies select their work tools based on the anticipated workflows, available budgets and desired project delivery timelines. The most popular android software development tools are:

Android Studio

Android Studio is an integrated development environment with multiple software development tools. It contains a code editor for android app development on mobile and desktop devices. The android studio also has a UI editor for creating attractive interfaces and an emulator for virtually testing android apps.

IntelliJ IDEA

This tool is popular among android app programmers using Java. The Intellij IDEA platform provides several tools for analyzing codes written in Java. Java developers prefer this tool since it supports code refactoring features.


Gradle is an essential tool for automating android software development. This tool helps developers to manage complex code dependencies and configure app development settings. Gradle automates repetitive app development tasks for easier and better project execution. 

Android software development teams can acquire other tools to meet project-specific needs. Some developers rely on tools like Google Analytics for data collection and gathering insights on customer behavior to enhance future app releases and maximize the functionality and features of an app.

Competitive android app development

Although the demand for android apps remains high, stiff competition exists among software development agencies. A client expects nothing but value for their money. That means software development teams and agencies must maximize their productivity and leverage the best technologies and software development methodologies for excellent results.

Invest in proper testing and quality assurance measures

A company should establish relevant testing and quality assurance measures to ensure android apps and games meet the minimum requirements for distribution on the app store and deliver remarkable user experiences to the target audiences. The company should adopt a specific software development methodology and invest in the right talent to ensure the timely delivery of projects, lower app development costs and high-quality products. Develop a reliable communication channel to engage clients throughout the development process and invest in a marketing strategy to popularize your company. 

Final Thoughts

Working with Stoke Ventures, a reputable android software developer is beneficial in several ways. Clients gain access to teams of experienced and skilled developers. These teams utilize industry-leading tools and technologies and a tested and proven app development process designed to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget. We maintain our relationships with our customers even after completing projects. Our team of developers provides lifetime product and technical support required to maximize the performance and reliability of android apps. Our goal is to help customers meet their business goals using advanced android apps and build unique products to extend their reach and maximize their profits.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?