How to Choose the Right Android Game Development Company for your Project

Do you own a device running on the Android platform? How many games does the phone have? Thousands of android games are available for download on the Google App Store. These games are designed and developed by various mobile game development companies. This article highlights the ins and outs of android game development. It explores the ever-increasing popularity of android applications in an age where cross-platform app development and web app development offer alternative solutions to native apps and gaming development.

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What does an android game development company do, and what tools do they use? Read on to learn more.

Game development goes through various stages

What is an android game development company?

Is game development different from standard app development? What separates an android game development company from one specializing in Android or iOS app development? The answer lies in the type of products they work on. An android game development company creates games for devices (phones and tablets) running on the Android platform.

These games leverage the native capabilities of Android devices to display complex game graphics and perform various gaming controls. The gaming development company designs and develops arcades, cards, adventure, casino, action, casual and hyper-casual, among other game genres.

Android games are popular since a large population owns android devices. Smartphone and tablet owners have varying gaming preferences meaning every android game development company has a substantial market share. Companies providing android game development services have access to multiple game development tools and resources provided on the open-source Android platform. It makes it easier for rookie developers to build their first gaming products and perfect them with time.

The easy-to-use android platform is attractive for fresh app developers venturing into the gaming market. They can leverage available tools to develop, test and distribute their games. An android mobile game development company offers the following services as part of the game design, development, distribution and lifetime support.

Android game design and development

The android game development company identifies a game concept and researches how to implement it. The company then develops it, optimizing game features and its operational mechanics. The android game app development process takes time – designers and developers work collaboratively to optimize game features and write programming code to ensure the game runs as intended on the target android devices. Android game design and development leverages several tools. The Android game development platform alone may be insufficient. These companies acquire other third-party tools to expedite design and development activities.

Game animation and graphic optimization

Notice how different games feature unique artistic effects and component transitions? The animations available in an android game result from several hours of design and coding by an android game development company. The designers and developers must ensure the animations and graphics use robust game codes to maximize game transitions based on user inputs and screen orientations. The company also optimizes art and graphic resolutions on different screen sizes since these games target multiple android devices.

Sound and music integrations

An android game development company identifies suitable sound effects and music accompanying a game. These sounds and related effects activate when particular gaming activities occur. The developers add these sound effects and music integrations to the original game code. The sound effects should not be out of sync with the game, or else it creates unexpected user experiences.

Game testing and debugging

An android game development company must sufficiently test games before publishing them on the Play Store or other online game distribution channels. The company hires developers and testers who debug game codes and collect data on game performance characteristics on different devices. Some devices will perform better than others because they have better computing power and storage capacity. The android game development company ensures it optimizes game performances on all devices irrespective of their computing or storage capabilities. All customers should enjoy similar gaming experiences.

Game publishing and distribution

The android game development company performs several tasks to prepare android games for release. These games should meet the minimum requirements for distribution on the Google Play Store or other relevant channels. The company drafts security and confidentiality documentation and relevant policies guiding the distribution, use and licensing of various mobile games. The company then submits the game to Google Play Store for publishing. Some android game development companies manage the distribution and marketing of these games on behalf of their clients.

Game maintenance and technical assistance

Games development, like Android app development, requires continuous maintenance and periodic upgrades to maximize game performance and improve data security. The android game development company works on these updates and offers technical assistance to resolve performance issues and bugs reported by customers (gamers). Some mobile game development companies offer technical support for newly-created software development ventures, including mentorship and staff training.

Game app companies can provide part or all of the above-listed software design and development services.

Other companies specialize in a niche like a game or character design. They offer android game UI UX design and wireframe development, leaving subsequent development tasks to other companies.

You may wish to inquire from the top android game developers if their companies offer full or partial android game development services.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?

Android Game Development Kits

Any company dealing with android games uses an android game development kit. The kit is a set of tools, in-built libraries, frameworks and resources for designing, developing and testing android games. Several kits exist in the software development market, and companies choose them based on the complexity of their projects, the experience of their teams and desired turnaround times. Android Game Development Kits (GDK) have the following features:

  • Game graphic libraries – an android game development company uses graphic libraries to create unique art, graphics and animations for games. The graphic components should represent a particular brand and have no resemblance to existing games.
  • Audio libraries – top android game developers use audio libraries to integrate music and sound effects into various games.
  • Physics engines – mobile game development companies leverage the physics engine to simulate actual movement and detect element collisions in a game. These simulations mimic real-life conditions and help game developers to optimize component interactions for better transitions and fewer collisions.  
  • Networking libraries – some android mobile game development companies specialize in online games. A player requires an active internet connection to play the game and compete with other players. The networking libraries allow game developers to create various online games.

Networking libraries are vital for online android games

  • Input handling libraries – an android game development company that targets customers with different gaming preferences. Some players input game controls from device touchscreens, while others use modified tools like game controllers and accelerometers. The best android game developers customize input handling using inbuilt input handling libraries of the GDK.

Some popular game development kits include:

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Godot
  • Cocos2d-X

Why do android game development companies use Game Development Kits?

  • GDKs improve the efficiency of an android game development company. The kit provides several in-built tools and game development resources required to streamline several game design and development activities. The kits allow developers to build high-quality games and infuse several advanced features and functionalities into an android game.
  • Most GDKs permit cross-platform app development. It means the android game development company can juggle between android games and software for other platforms. The company does not have to purchase additional software should it need to create a cross-platform application.
  • Game developers receive unlimited technical support and community engagement. Developers using particular GDKs can receive technical support from peers and community members. The support is crucial for knowledge sharing and resolving complex problems encountered during game development.
  • Game development kits foster game standardization. The android game development company has access to specific software development tools to ensure games follow standard development processes. The kit also provides various tools to standardize the management and maintenance of games.

Working with a reliable android game development company

Finding a reliable android game development company can be challenging. Every client wants to engage a company that understands how to streamline software development and deliver high-quality products. This is where Stoke Ventures comes in. We are one of the leading android game development companies, with a rich portfolio, expertise and proven track record. We deliver high-quality software and listen to our clients to ensure we meet project requirements.

One advantage of partnering with Stoke Ventures is access to a highly-skilled pool of android app development experts. These experts are well-versed in the android platform and have a deep understanding of complex project management strategies to ensure android games are delivered faster. These experts will scrutinize the android game development requirements and customize solutions to give clients the best performances. 

As a leading android app development partner, we closely monitor emerging android game development technologies and software development trends. Our goal is to optimize android solutions and ensure android games delivered to our customers are cutting-edge, unique and competitive.

Another benefit of engaging us is our established mobile game development process. We take time to understand our client’s specific needs and game development goals and provide a workable solution within their budget. Every step leverages the android game development standards and best practices. Our team keeps you briefed on every progress made. You are assured of a functional android game that meets the requirements and expectations of your target audiences. We leverage agile development methodologies that allow our android game development experts to iterate game concepts, adjust game features and enhance their UI UX features. These methodologies shorten game development timelines and ensure we create visually appealing and highly engaging android games. 

Our commitment at Stoke Ventures is to deliver the best android gaming experiences. Our experts can handle various projects – it does not matter if you are building a game from scratch or revamping an existing android game. We have the right team to piece the information and help you achieve android game development goals.

We customize android games to ensure our clients can:

  • Reach more customers by availing their products to billions of customers owning android devices. 
  • Achieve android game development goals at competitive rates. We provide android game development at competitive costs.
  • Enjoy targeted marketing by creating android games customized for particular demographics. These games can be categorized based on the age of customers, geographic locations or professional occupations.
  • Increase revenues through several monetization strategies. We will advise the customers on strategies to maximize revenues from finished gaming products. Our customers can monetize android games through subscriptions, in-app purchases and paid advertisements. 
  • Foster customer satisfaction by building high-quality, reliable and engaging games. Clients can leverage these games to deliver marketing content, gather customer feedback, foster two-way communications and build an online brand identity. As more customers download the android game, the company expands its customer base and organically grows its revenue. 

Android game development company of the future

The demand for android games keeps rising. Companies strive to enhance the hyper-realistic appearance and performance of android games by integrating several advanced technologies. The android game development company of the future will exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, advanced mobile networks (5/6G network), and augmented and virtual reality technologies to create more realistic, highly responsive and unique games. These technologies will enhance online gaming experiences, improve player immersion in the virtual environment and lower game development costs by fostering data-driven game development. The technologies are also beneficial for customizing gaming experiences and developing unique UI UX designs for various target audiences.

Augmented reality improves gamer immersion in game environments

AI proves beneficial for creating adaptive android game experiences. The technology can analyze different player behaviors based on predefined game algorithms and adjust game difficulty and on-screen gaming features.

Final Thoughts

An android game development company handles all activities for designing, creating, distributing and maintaining android games. These companies use various game and software development tools and strategies to create high-quality games and provide lifetime support. The future of android game development companies looks bright, with new technologies changing how companies approach game development and distribution.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?