Key Things To Consider When Selecting An Android Mobile App Development Company

Are you seeking the services of an Android app developer? Read on to understand how android mobile app development companies work and why they remain popular despite some entrepreneurs shifting focus to cross-platform app development and web app development.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?

This blog also highlights common mistakes individuals and businesses must avoid when engaging an android mobile app development company.

Android app development agencies handle design, development and launch of products

What is an android mobile app development company?

The modern software development sector is undergoing several changes. Some companies prefer developing cross or multi-platform applications, while some specialize in native app development. The latter engages in android or iOS app development, a strategy seeking to maximize the native performances of specific mobile platforms.

An android mobile app development company is involved in creating software for devices running on the Android operating system. These companies offer various services, including initial market research, app UI UX design, development and long-term app maintenance. The demand for an android development agency keeps soaring daily. It is because more users acquire new android devices. Companies are investing in different mobile applications to establish a customer base and maintain their user experiences.

Some companies offer custom android app development services targeting specific audiences and markets. These applications provide unique user experiences to the target customers and solve highly complex business challenges. An android app development company does not only build and maintain business productivity tools. Some are experts in mobile app gaming, personalization tools, entertainment, social media and educational android apps.

An Android mobile app development company utilizes the Android Studio -an open-source solution, and several other work tools to design, develop and launch various products.

Other services offered by an android mobile app development company

An android application development company creates value for its customers by creating revolutionary digital products for different market segments. They also earn revenue by providing additional services to their clients, helping them achieve business goals and shatter the glass ceilings in their operations.

App maintenance 

Android applications require frequent updates to enhance their security and performance. Foregoing app maintenance is setting it for failure. It means the application becomes more vulnerable to security threats and may result in access to confidential customer information by malicious persons. The app may also lag due to bugs, making it less responsive to user inputs and causing undesirable user experiences.

An android mobile application development company provides long-term app maintenance support. They advise clients when updates are due and improve apps to reflect the latest technological trends. They can research and implement advanced solutions (like artificial intelligence) in existing apps. 

Marketing services

Aside from offering software development services, android mobile app development companies can provide their marketing expertise to popularize a new product or service. The android development agency has a rich network of software development companies and participates in several technical workshops. They can utilize their social media channels to promote the android applications they have developed. They can also share samples of your app on their web service pages as part of their portfolio, helping your business to acquire more customers.

Collecting app analytics

How smoothly do your android apps run? An investor requires numbers to estimate if the digital products have a substantial return on investments. An android mobile app development company can relieve you of the stress of tracking user numbers, unearthing usability issues and estimating the number of users over fixed timelines.

Collect analytics for app improvement

The android mobile app development company uses several app analytics tools to collect numbers that matter. These companies use tools like Google Analytics or Firebase to track daily app downloads, monitor real-time app performance and estimate revenues from the app.

Monetizing apps

Companies can earn extra revenues by monetizing their apps. The android mobile app development company establishes several strategies for monetizing apps and integrating services like paid in-app advertisements, timed subscriptions and in-app purchases. 

Cross-platform app development services

Although an android mobile app development company hires experts in android development, some have diversified their services. These companies engage in cross-platform app development to supplement revenues and meet customer requirements for clients that prefer cross-platform software solutions.

Integration of IoT and wearable technology

The modern Android mobile app development company creates apps for IoT devices and other wearables. The growth of connected worker technology means more companies leverage handheld devices and wearables for routine operations. The Android app development agency creates functional solutions for devices like android-enabled smartwatches, industrial safety gear and various fitness trackers.

Identifying a reliable android mobile app development company

Several people and businesses have fallen prey to underqualified companies marketing themselves as top Android app developers. While thousands of mobile app development agencies exist, only a few earn the title of the best android app development company. The difference lies in the type of software development strategy and pricing models used by a company.

Android apps are getting more popular daily

As an entrepreneur or company with little or no information on software development, it is easy to overlook some crucial evaluation information when interviewing or vetting an android mobile app development company. Some common mistakes include:

Conducting a shoddy research 

Once you decide to outsource services to an android mobile app development company, it is important to conduct background research on its operations and previous projects. One should certify that the shortlisted company has all the resources and skills required to finalize a project, irrespective of its complexity. Do not work with a company that outsources other mobile app development processes like wireframe development or UI design. It can result in undesired delays.

Request for the company’s portfolio and interview their previous clients. Online reviews can sometimes be misleading. If possible, sit down with the company’s project development teams to understand how they intend to meet specific objectives of the android mobile app development process.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?

Supplying inadequate project details

An android mobile app development company leverages information from the client to design and develop products. The information provided should offer sufficient insights into the next appropriate action. Some clients provide inadequate project detail. For instance, one can insist they need an android app for customers to order consumables from different vendors. However, the client may not specify what features they desire on the user interface or actions clients should perform on the app. 

The lack of such crucial app information makes it difficult for the developers to estimate project costs or the amount of work going into the app. It means one of the parties goes home dissatisfied at the end of the day.

Failing to discuss project confidentiality

One can easily assume that an android mobile app development company values project confidentiality. Some agencies work with freelance designers and developers. These individuals work on several projects at a go and may divulge critical information to other parties, who might be a client’s direct competitors.

During your discussions with an android mobile app development company, discuss how to protect the project. Inquire if the company has a legal document outlining how to safeguard client and project details and the punishment for violating confidentiality and privacy policies.

Disregarding the post-launch product support

A client may assume that engagement with an android mobile app development company ends once an application is launched and running. However, a product owner experiences several challenges once customers begin utilizing the application. A company, brand or entrepreneur must monitor app usability and address the concerns raised by different customers. An android app may perform well on particular android versions and exhibit lower performances in others. Discuss with the android mobile app development company if they offer post-launch support. Negotiate lower app maintenance rates and engage them in future app updates, bug fixes and continuous performance improvements to ensure the app is competitive and meets user expectations.

Not verifying the company’s software development processes and office locations

What software development processes do your preferred android mobile app development company use, and which tools and technologies do it leverage to guarantee timely project deliveries at affordable costs? Ask the company’s executives or contact persons if they adhere to the industry standards and their approved software development strategies. Avoid a company that does not have a specific software development strategy.

For some projects, it may be necessary to visit the physical locations of the android mobile app development company. It is important for individuals invested in custom android apps development. Knowing the locations of software development agencies also helps with communication – what times should you be available for calls? How will you adjust routine activities to attend meetings in different time zones?

Tools and skills for android mobile app development

An android mobile app development company hires experts with different skills to ensure every project is successful. A typical Android mobile app development company works with:

  • App developers
  • App designers (including UI UX designers and wireframe development experts)
  • Project managers
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Testers
  • Researchers and marketers

Companies providing android development services can make an impact by hiring competent teams and allocating project managers for each product. The managers coordinate the operations of different teams and keep everyone informed on the project’s progress. 

Android app developers leverage multiple tools to complete various projects. The most popular tool is Android Studio, an integrated development environment designed for building digital products for tablets, mobile phones, wearables and other devices running on android. The Android Studio has several features vital for expediting mobile app development. These include:

A code editor that helps developers to write program codes. The editor has auto-complete features, making it easier for developers to finish program codes.

A layout editor is beneficial for optimizing user interfaces and organizing on-screen elements. The developer used this tool to customize navigation buttons, UI layouts and other app features. 

An emulator used to test different android apps. Developers can test the app functionality without installing it on a physical device. The emulator is a virtual android app testing environment.

Use several devices to test app functionality

Debugging tools – to identify and fix programming errors.

These companies also use other third-party resources to complete other android mobile app development activities. It can include tools like React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, Unity 3D, Eclipse and Native development kit. The choice of android app development tools varies from one company to another. Some complex projects require the use of multiple software development tools. 

How to maximize the productivity of an android mobile app development company

Android app development is rapidly growing, and companies operating in this space must adopt innovative work practices to meet the demand for their services. While most companies bid for several projects to improve their revenue, it may be more profitable for companies to identify a specific niche and perfect their services in that segment. For example, the company can establish itself in android gaming. 

These companies should identify the most productive work tools for their employees. The goal is to maximize collaboration among different app development teams. Do not invest in tools that are complex to use or require a longer learning curve to master. These tools are expected to meet the demand for mainstream android app development and facilitate customized android app development. 

Another way to boost a company’s productivity is by training employees to utilize pre-built libraries and frameworks provided by the different android app development tools. The in-built tools allow designers and developers to automate app development tasks like debugging and code editing. 

Android mobile app development companies stand to earn more money by establishing robust work practices and customer-focused confidentiality and security policies. These agencies should continuously review their software development methodologies to ensure they meet existing market demands and provide satisfactory results to their customers. 

Final Thoughts

Android mobile app development keeps progressing daily, with several applications being uploaded to the Google (Android) App Store. The demand for native android apps is currently high and will keep growing as the number of android-based mobile devices increase. Conduct due diligence when outsourcing android app development to a software development agency. Consider their experience in the field, approved work practices and android app development costs. 

Android app development companies can expedite software development by recruiting the right talent, using the correct work tools and exploring advanced software development methodologies.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?