04. Marketing and Sales

At this point you have a fully developed product that you’re confident has a really good place in the market. That’s exciting, so now it’s time to get it out there! So how do you do that? It’s different for every product but there are several fundamentals we will be focused on and can help guide you to your first sale, and put you on a path to make many more sales from there.

  • Know your audience! – Know who they are, how they communicate, and know what social and shopping platforms they go to. That will help guide your marketing messages, and platforms you use to target with free posts or pay per click campaigns.

  • Website – Tells the story and embodies the brand online. Clearly explain your product, guide customers to easily buy and share your product.

  • Online Sales Platforms

    • Amazon

    • Etsy

    • Wayfair

    • Houzz

    • Etc.

  • Brick-And-Mortar Retail – Sell into them yourself or use sales reps to hit the pavement for you. Look for reps who are willing to work on straight commission, but you can offer them more compensation in the beginning to motivate them to sell your product.

    • Small one-off shops

    • Small chain stores

    • ​Large (Big Box) chains

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