What To Keep In Mind When Working With A Cross Platform Mobile Development Company

Have you ever had a candid discussion with an expert in the software development space, and they mentioned cross platform mobile development? Or are you seeking a consultant for an upcoming mobile app, and someone has hinted at engaging a cross platform development company? Some of these terms may sound foreign to someone with little or no experience with mobile app development.

Cross platform apps work across multiple devices

How does one identify a reliable cross platform mobile development company? Are there specific qualities a company or innovator should look for when engaging a third-party software development agency? Finding a dependable development team can be a challenging task. As an investor, you want to gain maximum value from digital products and launch innovative solutions within tight timelines. The software development space features thousands of mobile development companies, but not all are equal to the task.

In this article, we explore the benefits of working with an experienced cross platform mobile development company like Stoke Ventures.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?

What is a Cross Platform Mobile Development Company?

Before explaining what a cross platform mobile development company is, we should first explore the concept behind cross platform development. Cross platform development is the process of creating software that operates on multiple platforms. These platforms can be operating systems and hardware devices. Companies that choose to develop cross platform applications aim to reduce product development costs and maximize customer engagement by building digital solutions that guarantee consistent user experiences irrespective of the device or platform in question.

A cross platform mobile development company has mastered everything required for iOS app development, Android app development and web app development. They understand how each platform operates and the mandatory requirements that mobile apps must meet for acceptance on different app stores.

By engaging a cross platform mobile development company, innovators and businesses grant it unlimited permission to transform raw ideas into functional products. The company collects all information required to give cross platform apps a native appearance and performance. 

Mobile app development uses different frameworks and languages

The contracted company chooses a cross platform app development framework depending on:

  • The skills of its employees
  • The complexity of the project
  • Software development approach. Some companies prefer agile methodologies, while others opt for waterfall or rapid application development.

An investor has little or no influence on the approach a cross platform mobile development company will use to realize mobile app development goals. The priority of the investor is receiving a functional app at an agreed-upon time. Investors with some software development experience can offer insights on aspects like wireframe development, UI optimization and customization of user experiences based on the behavior and preferences of their target markets.

When to Choose A Cross Platform Mobile Development Company

Should innovators and businesses engage a cross platform mobile development company for all projects? Are there other advantages that investors gain besides reducing app development costs?

Cross platform app development allows businesses to leverage a single codebase and deploy it across devices and operating systems. By doing so, these businesses can reach more customers and improve engagement. If it is an online shopping application, a customer can make and track orders from their home Android device, on the web at the office or using their iPhone device at their convenience. 

It gets better when the company wants to add new features and strengthen the reliability and security of these applications. The cross platform development company tweaks the codebase based on customer feedback and investor requirements. These changes are dispatched through the internet, and customers can enjoy better performances without changing how customers interact with their devices. 

An investor or business should consider working with a cross platform development company when:

  • Expanding their businesses and targeting new consumer markets
  • Anticipating a quick launch of a new digital product 
  • Working with a tight mobile app development budget

Benefits of Working With A Cross Platform Mobile Development Company

The number one argument for businesses seeking to engage a cross platform mobile development company is the possibility of reducing software development and maintenance costs. It is expensive to develop similar versions of the same app independently. That is, build an Android app, test and deploy. Repeat the same procedure for an iOS app and wrap up with web app development. It is a time-consuming process. Even with an experienced team, these processes will require a few weeks to months of tireless work. 

How can businesses reduce software development costs using cross platform app development? First, the software development agency does not need to engage multiple teams for the project. Instead, they will pick individuals from different backgrounds and assign a skilled project manager to oversee their operations. Additionally, the business can enjoy discounted app development rates. These savings can amount to several thousand dollars. Small and medium enterprises can redirect these funds to other business development initiatives.

A cross platform mobile app development company has several years of experience working with clients with unique requirements. Mobile app development is demanding; every app should perform optimally across billions of smartphone devices available globally. To achieve this, the development process requires careful planning, resource allocation and analysis. 

Cross platform development experts work in teams to expedite app development

The cross platform mobile development company sits with you to understand project requirements and advice on the most appropriate solution based on the client’s problem statement. The company should work with a trusted in-house consultant that will perform a product needs evaluation. It will enable the developers to set objectives and define prerequisites for meeting client expectations. The analyst, an employee of the contracted software development firm, explores the client’s business structure and operational models. It enables them to customize the problem-solving process to ensure it resonates with a brand. At the early stages, also called product discovery, the cross platform mobile development company specifies app prototyping, and concept validation strategies and creates a definitive scope of activities.

Businesses can launch new products faster than their competitors. The cross platform mobile development company has access to some of the most advanced tools and technologies in the software development space. With these tools, the developers can overcome predominant challenges associated with cross platform and multi-platform applications. These tools enable them to create apps that have native characteristics and similar performance capabilities on all platforms. The technologies include proprietary work management tools, premium and open-source app development frameworks and a wide range of programming languages. 

When developing cross platform apps, businesses must ensure the solutions run smoothly on all the target platforms. The cross platform mobile development company leverages the extensive tools and technologies at its disposal to perform rapid testing, optimization and deployment of apps. Additionally, the software development agency has experienced quality assurance experts and testers who validate each process. The testers can identify underlying performance bottlenecks, faulty code structures and ineffective UI UX design components. Working with highly skilled developers, who are full-time employees of the cross platform mobile development company, ensures an investor receives a fully optimized, stable and secure product that appeals to the target audiences and showcases brand creativity. 

Finally, working with a cross platform mobile development company ensures that the digital product receives lifetime support and optimization to accommodate newer devices, OS upgrades and emerging technological trends. The team of developers offers bug-fixing services to resolve usability issues reported by customers. They also extend backend functionalities of cross platform apps for better scalability and technological upgrades to mobile apps. Post-release product support helps companies to evolve and respond to ever-changing business needs.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?

Tips For Choosing A Cross Platform Mobile Development Company

Assuming you have already worked on a comprehensive problem statement and already have a vision for a mobile app. You are now at the tail end of actualizing the solution by working with a third-party software development company. When choosing a cross platform mobile development company, there are several things a business or innovator needs to consider. As a business, you have to estimate:

  • Potential market reach
  • Available mobile app development budgets
  • Trade-offs that the brand deals with by prioritizing cross platform apps over native apps

Now, let us proceed with the selection and qualifying of a cross platform mobile development company. A wrong choice can be the beginning of long court battles, poorly performing applications or incompatibility with certain devices. Some agencies may market themselves as highly effective in the trade but will lack sufficient evidence. Businesses should conduct due diligence before committing their hard-earned cash.

Here are things to consider when vetting a cross platform mobile development company.

Verify their cross platform app development experience

The first thing to consider is the level of experience that the cross platform mobile development company has. Request for a portfolio of their previous projects. The company should be experienced in native and cross platform app development. Native app development includes:

After that, the investor should confirm if the agency has developed any cross platform applications. The applications should not just be functional. The agency should prove that the product is successful by showcasing how previous clients monetized their products or leveraged them to extend value chains.

A reliable cross platform mobile development company has a strong track record of developing high-quality apps. They should also have verifiable industry exposure and validate they have worked with clients from different industries. 

Check the qualifications of their employees

A successful cross platform mobile development company should retain the most talented employees. Their success means they can grow revenues and offer attractive remuneration to the technical staff. When negotiating with the software developer, request access to the academic qualifications and project portfolios of the employees you will work closely with.

Without skilled staff, the project may hit a dead end. The developers should have worked as a team for some time. That way, they develop good communication and collaboration skills. The company should also organize a one-on-one meeting with the developers. It enables you to understand their work culture and ethics. It also fosters subsequent engagements with the team.

Inquire about the company’s software development procedures

Although a client has little control over software development strategies, they should inquire about the company’s best practices. Gaining information about these practices helps you analyze if their quality assurance standards are satisfactory for your intended cross platform application.

It also allows you to quantify the testing capabilities of the company. 

  • Will they use internal testing mechanisms? 
  • Will they hire third-party testers? 
  • Do they have a pool of external reviewers to check mobile app development codes?

Ask for reviews from previous customers

Another factor to consider when engaging a cross platform app development company is their reputation among previous customers and their competitors. Collect as many reviews as possible from online resources and contact previous clients. Avoid working with companies having several pending projects, negative reviews and poor reputations. 

Check the company’s website for a list of previous projects

Ensure the company explicitly understands the requirements of your project. Sort out any unclear terms before engaging with the team. It involves the modes of payment, anticipated project delivery timelines and preferred communication channels. Sign a contract with a company that meets all the above-listed evaluation criteria and trust them to deliver a high-quality product.

Final Thoughts

Cross platform app development is revolutionizing how companies approach product development and scale businesses. Developing a one-fits-all solution ensures these companies spend less money to develop and maintain the apps. Several cross platform mobile development companies exist in the market, and businesses should engage the best teams for good results. Businesses and innovators should be cautious when shortlisting and engaging cross platform developers. Plan accordingly and allocate sufficient funds to ensure the timely completion of mobile app development projects.

Stoke Ventures is a reliable cross platform mobile development company that handles all facets of cross platform applications. We use the most advanced software development tools and hire experienced developers for seamless project execution.

Do you have a physical product or mobile app idea you want to launch?